Mi artículo ha sido publicado en la revista Arbor, revista del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, sobre ciencia, pensamiento y cultura. Vol. 193, nº 784 (2017).

Abstract: This article expounds on a conceptual analysis of the sublime, employing the anthropic landscape as the field of study, and registering both projections within the discipline of photography. Therefore, a narrative is formulated with the photographic production from the last few decades, in order to address both sublime nature and the current day industrial sublime. The conceptual constants from several artistic discourses define the line of argument running through this article to establish a theoretical framework for human existence in today’s post-industrial landscape. The artists selected provide a crucial unifying thread permitting the evolution and transformation of universal concepts of landscape to be examined; providing us with an updated conceptualization of the relationship between humans and their altered environment.